KASAGIP is a contraction for KApatirang Kabalikat SA KaGIPitan, a Filipino phrase which means Community Partners in Times of Need. 

KASAGIP refers to people who help, deriving from the Filipino word SAGIP (a verb which means "rescue".) 

Main Objective
To provide assistance or relief to the members of the migrant community in general, especially those in their times of extreme need or during a temporary change in their personal/financial circumstances. Of particular interest are Filipino migrants who have been observed to increase in number due to the opportunities under the Work to Residence (WTR) pathway, aside from the General Work Permit pathway. 

However we also help other migrants regardless of country of origin or nationality/race, religious faith or affiliation. 

Specifically the trust
  • Provides short term assistance to cover immediate basic needs (e.g. food, clothing, and other identified needs
  • Act as a "transition provider" until long term or other forms of assistance is established by the appropriate government institution
  • Acts as a liaison or link to other support providers who can provide more assistance depending on the identified need. 

KASAGIP’s main area of coverage is the Greater Wellington Region. This includes Wellington City and its surrounding suburbs, The Hutt Valley (Upper and Lower Hutt) and neighboring areas of Wairarapa, Paraparaumu and Kapiti Coast. 

It is envisaged that KASAGIP will eventually branch out to the rest of New Zealand.