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Vision and Mission

Our Vision
KASAGIP Charitable Trust is a leading not-for-profit organisation that adheres to the dreams and aspirations of every new migrant that may be at risk of any impending social or economic instability, whether temporary or permanent in his/her integration to New Zealand.

Our Mission
T o assist the new migrants in New Zealand regardless of race, faith and ethnicity, addressing their economic needs and social well-being. It collaborates with various individuals and organisations to generate funds and resources to achieve its noble purpose.

Our Values
Keeper of brother
Ally in times of need
Social action and service-oriented
Arm-linking collaboration, affable and compassionate
Globally linked, growth-oriented; generating commitment, funds and talents from various individuals or organisations
Integrating migrants, introspective, initiating and harnessing one’s potential
Proactive in social action and other preventive initiatives