Marivic Olandria

Last update: 17 April 2010 
Marivic and Harry Olandria of Tawa Wellington finally left for the Philippines on the 17th of April. They sought the assistance of KASAGIP in helping them raise funds for their plane ticket. Although the couple had some money earmarked for this, an additional $990.00 was raised for the said purpose.

Previous update 
KASAGIP Charitable Trust is still accepting monetary donations as part of an on-going appeal for Marivic Olandria of Tawa Wellington. Marivic is appealing to your generosity to help her raise enough money for a plane ticket for her and her husband Harry so that they can go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to join their two children whom they have left behind. Although we have partially raised some money already, we still would like to complete the needed amount so that Marivic and husband can go home as soon as possible. Having had their WTR expired already, they fear about reaching the stage of being sent home by the Ministry of Immigration. The couple's desire at the moment is to be reunited with their children whom they have not seen for quite sometime now.