Mike Molero

Last update: 30 April 2010 
At this moment the Molero Family is en route to the Philippines. Thank you for your help by contributing financially, passing on my initial email calling for help, and talking about this case with your friends. May God bless you and your family, and put you in a better position to continue to help others.

Updates as of April 18, 2010
Mike and Jane Molero (and two children, a four year old girl and a 5 month old baby girl) initially arrived in New Zealand under general work permit a few years ago. Due to a change in leadership in the government at the time Mike had applied for a renewal of his work permit, he was informed by Immigration that his nominated skill is no longer in the list of essential/shortlisted skills and was declined of his application. He then applied for visitor's visa to enable him to continue staying in the country until he has enough funds to go home. 

Unfortunately, the permit allowing the family to stay in New Zealand will expire soon. With this situation, he has sought KASAGIP's assistance to help him top up on whatever savings he has to purchase the family's plane ticket. Mike is staying with a Samoan Pastor and his family. Mike has been attending the Samoan church, assisting the pastor in their church activities. Mike still owes the Church money that was paid for the hospitalisation of his wife due to the delivery of their second child. 

Currently, KASAGIP has made an agreement with Mike to do weekend work and to engage in arnis/martial arts lessons. Those who are willing to enrol their kids or any other member of the family may contact KASAGIP for details on the date/time and venue of the arnis/martial arts lessons. Those who want help around the home (gardening, general house cleaning, mowing the lawn, car cleaning, etc.) may also contact KASAGIP through Rachel or Mayette at Email: kasagipcharitabletrust@yahoo.co.nz with subject line : arnis c/o Mike or weekend work c/o Mike Those who wish to directly donate to KASAGIP and help Mike should quote the reference number Molero005 and deposit donations to Kiwi Bank Account Number 38-9009-0649421-00