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The Blue Angel Brigade is the term used to call all the official volunteers of KASAGIP Charitable Trust. They have committed to support the Trust in various ways. 

Any person who wishes to participate in the activities of the KHP must first sign up to be a member of the Blue Angel Brigade (BAB), and agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the BAB. 

Who can volunteer? 
Any person who is
  • Physically & mentally capable of rendering volunteer work;
  • Willing to commit his/her/time, resources and talents;
  • Willing to abide by BAB rules and regulations;
  • Willing to work without material or financial remuneration;
  • Willing to learn and undergo training in volunteerism and specialized skills, if needed;
  • Have the willingness to share the mission, vision and values of the KASAGIP Charitable Trust. 

What skills are we looking for? 
  1. Currently we need the following skills
  2. Driving instructors – on call for those beneficiaries needing driving lessons/instruction
  3. Those who can help in improving CVs of the beneficiaries
  4. Writers – bloggers, writing aficionados who can assist in creating website content, and content for our newsletters
  5. Accounting/finance – people who can help us manage our donor club, help recruit members for the donor club, help in record/booking keeping e)
  6. Admin skills – typing, filing, photocopying, encoding
  7. Case officers – people who want to work directly with the beneficiaries by offering them advise, on-hand assistance
  8. Researchers – those who like to surf the net or do online research for our database management needs
  9. Networkers – people who know a lot of people and who can connect or link us to potential beneficiaries, potential partners, and potential donors
  10. Website management – IT savvy people who can help us maintain our website and FACEBOOK account
Volunteer today
There are  two ways to register:
  • Register online, or
  • Download and fill in the Registration Form (PDF, 477KB) at the end of this page and send it back to us via email or by post to:
    P.O. Box 40371, Upper Hutt
    New Zealand 5140

I have signed up, what's next? 
When you have sent your application form, we will contact you to arrange for a meeting. 

You will be assigned to perform tasks based on your skills and interests. The scope of the volunteer work will be explained to you. 

Once this has been agreed upon, we will arrange for you to attend an oath taking session to formally acknowledge your support to the group. 

You will also get to attend meetings and meet the other volunteers.